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  1. Susan Dougherty

    My name is Sue Dougherty and my mother Marilyn Semanski was one of your patients in the Buffalo Landmark Center. I say was because my beautiful, precious Mom passed away Friday morning, May 26th. The reason I can write to you so soon after her death is because it was Landmark that gave her life.
    My mom was severely ill in January of 2016 but refused to go to the hospital. My brother called me from her house telling me she’s having difficulty breathing. I remembered Mom mentioning to me occasionally this company called “Landmark” would check in on her monthly and I encouraged my brother to give them a call. It was 11:00pm at night.
    What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. I believe Jody was the first nurse on the scene (I apologize if I got the name wrong) and she got to work diagnosing my Mom with double pneumonia. She gave her a shot and a prescription and ordered a chest xray that happened the next day in my parents garage!
    Within a few weeks time my Mom was back to her glorious self without ever stepping foot in a hospital. There were several occasions we would find ourselves calling Landmark or encouraging Mom to call Landmark on her own and each time had a positive, physical outcome.
    Because of Landmark I could go on vacation with peace of mind knowing that she is in good hands and would get good care if something was to happen while I was away.
    I just want to sincerely thank you for giving me one more Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday (she turned 85 this month) and Mother’s day because of Landmark, especially Mary Kay and Damaris (my dream team) Those two ladies were with me to the bittersweet end. My mother passed away at home, in her bed, in my brother’s arms with my father by her side. How could I possibly be sad? I’m at peace because she is at peace.
    I also think it is important for you to know how much my Mom and Dad LOVED Landmark. My father is a very private person but always enjoyed any of your several employees that were summoned to the house.
    So thank you for insight in creating this company that gave me one more year full of beautiful, cherished memories that include the Buffalo Landmark Center. Forever grateful, Sue Dougherty

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