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Becoming Part of the Landmark Team

Written by Lisa Lynch
October 30, 2018

My first day as a permanent Landmark Health employee may have been different than most experience, because I spent the prior six months contracting for the company. So I already knew about Landmark’s innovative culture and its profound emphasis on patient care. I knew about its talented employees, strong sense of teamwork, and mission to change how healthcare is delivered to complex, chronic patients. And as much as Landmark made me feel included, even as a contractor, I really wanted to be a permanent part of the Landmark team, so I could contribute more fully and longer-term.

When I applied for an internal position and learned that I got the job, I was beyond excited. I was thrilled. And then, the Saturday before my official first day, I received a little green box, delivered near my front gate.

I approached it, cautiously.

I opened it.

“You’re In,” the card inside stated. “I’m in!” I repeated in my mind. “I’m in something awesome,  something growing, something meaningful!”

What a way to make me feel welcome, like a true part of the team! I am so excited about the future of Landmark, the patients it serves, and the impact it is having on healthcare. Landmark puts patients first by treating them in their own home, 24 hours a day, by phone and in-person. Landmark brings house calls back, and treats each patient as a whole person, with a team of professionals from social workers and mental health specialists, to doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and beyond.

I can’t wait to make a meaningful contribution to Landmark’s progress in advancing healthcare. And if you are a talented professional, looking for an opportunity to contribute to something great, maybe you should apply to Landmark too.

I’m in!


Originally published Oct 30, 2018 5:02 AM updated Mar 21, 2019
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