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Now the doctor comes to you.

Medical care delivered is more than just convenient. It’s personalized care, based on your needs so you can stay well at home. When the provider comes to you, you avoid driving to the doctor's office, spending time in a waiting room, or unnecessary exposure to potential viruses from others. What's more, a house call can last 45 minutes or longer - giving you meaningful one-on-one time with your provider to address all your concerns.

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The future of health care is in your home.

As one of the nation’s largest value-based, in-home medical groups, our providers are experts in caring for older adults with chronic conditions via house calls, phone visits and video visits. Our telemedicine app allows patients to securely and easily connect with their Landmark providers between in-person visits.

Common Questions

Yes, Landmark brings urgent in-home visits to patients enrolled in our services. If you are not currently enrolled as a Landmark patient and are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. If you would like to see if you or a loved one qualifies for our services for future urgent care access, call 1-833-874-2576.

We see a gap in the care older adults receive, and the care they need. As we age, our health changes. Seniors are impacted by experiencing more chronic conditions, risks of falls, changes to their behavioral health, and much more – all of this requires more doctor-patient time than the traditional healthcare system allows. Landmark focuses on this population to help older adults stay independent and safe in their homes for as long as possible.

No, Landmark is an in-home medical provider group. There are several types of in-home care, including:

1. Home care – which addresses daily tasks of living, such as dressing, bathing, food prep.
2. Home health – which offers medical and physical therapy support by RNs and therapists.
3. In-home medical care (Landmark) – which provides in-home primary and urgent care by doctors and advanced practice providers.

No. Landmark does not do COVID-19 testing or vaccinations (once available). Talk with your health plan or primary care provider to learn where you can access these services, or go to the U.S Department of Health & Humana Services web page.
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Bringing back the house call.

Up until the 1950’s, physician house calls were common in the U.S. Nearly half of doctor visits started with the provider arriving at the patient’s front door, little black bag in hand. Today’s medical house calls bring modern medicine and healthcare technology into patients’ homes.

Learn more about how in-home medical care has evolved.

Bringing back the house call.  Image
Care in the time of Coronavirus. Image

Care in the time of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has disrupted our lives. Landmark can help keep you connected to your provider, your healthcare community, and stay well and on track with your health goals. We take precautions to help safely care for you in your home, and we are available by phone and video.

Click below to see what an in-home medical visit with a Landmark medical provider looks like.

Interested in Landmark’s in-home medical care?

Landmark serves adults, ages 65 and up, with chronic conditions. If you are enrolled in Medicare or Medicare Advantage, we may be able to help you.

Call 1-833-874-2576  or complete the form below and click on “Submit” to learn more about our services in the Kansas City area.


Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups work with health plans to bring medical, behavioral, palliative and social care to patients living with multiple chronic conditions.

We don’t discriminate. Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups (Landmark) comply with Federal civil rights laws. Landmark does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.

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