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Landmark’s Nurture Program for Recent NP Graduates

Lisa Feldman
May 04, 2018

The Nurture Program is part of Landmark’s Leadership Development Programs. It is designed to provide recent nurse practitioner (NP) graduates with hands-on experience and senior clinical mentorship to develop strong patient management and leadership skills.

This three-year program starts NPs out with an initial six-month ‘residency-like’ period, followed by an extended mentorship within a provider team. Graduates will learn how to deliver preventive and urgent medical care to complex, frail and vulnerable patients, where they reside. Through Landmark’s house call approach, our providers develop skills to see a more complete picture of patients’ health – the food in the fridge, the medications in the home, fall hazards on the floor, the family and caregivers who are present, and so on.

This is high-touch, longitudinal care for poly-chronic patients. Helping them stay well at home, and avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Beyond a dedicated Landmark mentor, graduates will be supported by a multidisciplinary care team, consisting of physicians, nurses, behavioral health specialists, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians and healthcare ambassadors – all working together to provide the best care for patients.

Nurture Program Benefits

•  Earn a $10,000 student loan payoff per year for up to three years (total potential payoff is $30,000)
•  1:1 mentorship and training on:

o  Building confidence with patients
o  Assessment skills
o  Clinical tips and tricks
o  Tactical skills – how to finish charts on time, scheduling details, how to communicate with nurses, how to optimize schedules
o  Additional development opportunities two times annually, e.g., Emotional Intelligence Training

Nurture Program Details

•  Location: We are currently filling positions in Albany, NY and Boston, MA.
•  Timing: The 2018 program will start in July, with interviews happening in May.

Qualifications and Expectations

•  Completion of nurse practitioner (NP) accredited program within the last year
•  Passing score on NP Certification Exam prior to program start date
•  Remain full time and in good standing while in the Nurture Program
•  Remain with Landmark three years post-program completion

Click here to learn more and submit your application.

Candidates should include the following when applying:

•  Resume
•  Cover letter that specifies which location they would like to be considered for, as well as their expected salary range
•  References
•  3 written essays (between 500-750 words each):

1.  What motivated you to go back to school and ultimately become a Nurse Practitioner?
2.  Tell us about a patient that has made a direct impact in the way you provide care to patients
3.  Landmark serves a very specific demographic of patient, the chronically ill and underserved. What is it about our patient population that interests you in your career?

•  Letters of recommendation are recommended / highly preferred


Application period closes at midnight (PDT) May 30th, 2018. Apply today!



Originally published May 04, 2018 11:24 AM updated May 22, 2018
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