July 9, 2019

Teresa’s Story

For the past year and a half, Teresa and Ray have had 24/7 in-home health aides to help with the care of Teresa. Ray says, “Landmark works with me and Teresa’s home health caregiver every time Landmark comes to our house.”

One of Landmark’s first patients

Teresa Prevost, 86, has been a Landmark patient for over four years. Teresa’s husband, Ray, says “We were our Landmark provider’s first patient when she started at Landmark.” He laughs and adds, “We are definitely long-term clients.”

Ray describes his life with Teresa: “Teresa and I have been married 64 years at the end of this month. We met in college at a dance, and we were married two years later. We adopted and raised two girls, and we now have four grandchildren.”

Ray continues, “Teresa was a teacher for many years. She is a bubbly Italian who always used to say, ‘Come on in!’ to anyone. She’s very social, and I am more the introvert.”


Coming on board with Landmark

Teresa has chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s, atrial fibrillation, lupus, and dementia. She has also suffered two broken hips. Because of the number and severity of her health conditions, Teresa is considered high acuity. Ray says, “Unfortunately, Teresa has had more than her fair share of health
issues. Luckily, my list of maladies is relatively small, so I am able to help her.”

Four years ago, Ray and Teresa learned that Teresa had qualified for Landmark services through their health plan. Ray says, “When we found out that our health plan was offering Landmark services for people with serious health issues, we thought it would be better to use Landmark than to continue to go to the urgent care so often.”

Ray continues, “We came on board Landmark right away. We had seen the long waits at the urgent care! Landmark sounded good immediately, and we have loved it ever since.” Ray says, “Before Teresa’s stroke, she was comfortable calling Landmark directly and discussing her health concerns. She could call and let Landmark know if she could use a visit. Now I do that for her.”


Landmark urgent visits keep Teresa out of the hospital

Ray and Teresa use Landmark’s urgent visits as often as needed. Ray says, “Landmark helps to keep Teresa out of the hospital and urgent care. I contact Landmark to ask questions, either over the phone or during visits at the house. I talk to Landmark, and they help decide whether an urgent visit is

Ray adds, “Landmark knows us, knows Teresa’s health history, and is less likely to overreact and advise us to call 911 if it’s not needed. For example, sometimes Teresa falls into a deep sleep that can last more than a day. Landmark understands that for Teresa, that is not a panic situation requiring urgent care. Landmark helps minimize rushing her to the hospital for situations that don’t require it.”

“My friends who I talk to about Landmark all ask, ‘How can we get that?’ People have different comfort levels with having someone visit you at home, but nobody has had a negative thought about it. I’ve never had a concern about having medical care come into our home.”


Peace of mind for Ray

Ray says, “Without Landmark, there were times I would have been inclined to call 911 rather than guess or chance it on my own. Instead, I can call Landmark and talk to a nurse or provider.”

Even as Teresa’s health situation has grown more complex, Ray has been able to continue volunteering regularly for Meals on Wheels. Ray says, “As Teresa’s husband, Landmark makes me feel more at ease. I can still volunteer, knowing that if something goes wrong with Teresa while I’m out, her home health aid will call me, and I can call Landmark right away.”


Landmark works with family and home health aides

For the past year and a half, Teresa and Ray have had 24/7 in-home health aides to help with the care of Teresa. Ray says, “Landmark works with me and Teresa’s home health caregiver every time Landmark comes to our house.”

Ray continues, “Our Landmark provider comes on a regular, scheduled basis. At first it was once a month, but now it is once every two weeks. Our provider takes Teresa’s vitals and talks with me and her in-home caregiver. We discuss new concerns. I usually have a list handy to discuss.”

Over the years, Teresa has used a variety of Landmark specialists, including social work and mental health. Ray has also used Landmark’s caregiver support program. Ray says, “With Landmark, we decide what needs to be done, what medications might need adjusting, and lately we’ve discussed options such as hospice care. Landmark helps guide our decision-making process.”


Landmark’s quality of service

Ray mentions that over the past four years, he has seen Landmark evolve. “Landmark always seems to be improving. Every change we’ve seen has been positive.”

Ray adds, “One thing we really like is Landmark’s flexible appointment scheduling. With the help of her caregiver, Teresa can still get out to bingo – which might not seem important to some people, but she gets out so infrequently, it’s very important to her. Landmark is always happy to schedule appointments around Teresa’s schedule, so she can make it to bingo.”

How would Ray sum up Landmark’s service in just one word? Ray says, “Terrific. You know, Landmark has been successful for good reason – they have done great things for people.”