Kenneth Dyer, 86 years old, has been a Landmark patient since the program launched in Spokane in January 2017. He lives in his own home with his wife, Lona, and two adult daughters.

Ken was initially very skeptical of Landmark, but he and his wife agreed to have the initial visit. At the initial visit, Ken remained skeptical, asking “what’s the catch” and not trusting that this service would not cost him anything. After hearing what Landmark could offer to Ken, he and his family decided to engage in Landmark services.

His daughter states “It gives us and Mom peace of mind to know we have someone we can call anytime”. Shortly after engaging with Landmark Ken began to have some complications which would have usually caused him to go to the Emergency Room. This time though, Ken was able to call Landmark and have Scott, his Nurse Practitioner, come to his home several times for urgent visits. Scott and his Nurse Care Manager, Karey, were able to work closely with Ken’s PCP and specialists to ensure Ken was receiving all of the care and follow up that he needed.

Ken states that Landmark “saved his bacon several times”. He also states that it saved him financially as “it would have cost me about $400 each time I went to the Emergency Room”. Ken states that if he were going to recommend Landmark to others he would tell them that “Landmark is great at hustling, because every time I called, Scott came right here, he’s quick”. Kens wife, Lona, states, “I’m not sure I want other people to know about this because then there might be less time for us”.



“We have been fortunate to have been a client of Landmark’s for about six months. My husband has dementia and limited mobility which makes it difficult to transport him to doctor appointments. This service has been invaluable to have the doctor come to our home.”

“The staff is friendly, personable and makes us feel that our needs are important. They are accessible and usually follow up with a visit by phone or in the home within 24 hours. We have had a few emergency events where it has been really helpful to speak with Landmark to follow up or have the Emergency Response Team speak with them directly.”

“It’s often difficult to get a doctor’s appointment when needed and Landmark is always available to meet our needs. This allows prompt attention to medical concerns and issues that arise. They are handled quickly and efficiently. Thanks Landmark, you are greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing with your services.”

— The Family of Eldridge Willis



Shirley Johnson, age 87, and Walter “Roger” Johnson, age 89 and a retired attorney, joined Landmark in January 2017. The Johnson’s live in their Pierce County home of 30+ years independently, and would like to continue to do so.

When the Johnsons received a notice from Premera telling them they were eligible for house calls from Landmark they thought they should give it a try since they had both been facing more health problems. Shirley explained, “When we go to our Primary Care Provider for an appointment it takes 10 minutes to be assessed and treated. When Romy (from Landmark) came for our first appointment she stayed with us for well over an hour. Romy took the time to get to know us and our conditions. The next time Romy saw us it was on a Sunday for an Urgent Visit. We knew it was her day off so we knew she cared. We never feel rushed when Romy is in our home caring for us.”

The Johnsons feel that typical medical practices do not have the time needed for people like them. Shirley says “When we become ill, time is a factor. We need faster care than we did in our younger years. When we call to make an appointment it takes so long to get in. We need to be seen quicker than others and we sometimes need extra attention. We also don’t recover from illness like we used to. It is reassuring to know we have Romy to talk to. She gives us a professional opinion, tells us what is happening to us, and reassures us that we don’t always need to go to the ER. Romy’s opinion gives us comfort”.

Furthermore, Landmark helps the Johnsons save money. Both Shirley and Roger had emergency room visits prior to joining Landmark. Their bills totaled almost $1,000. They believe if Landmark had been available to them at the time, they would have been able to bypass the emergency room, and the bill, altogether.

Roger and Shirley’s goal is to stay in their home and Landmark is helping them to meet this goal. “Landmark is able to help people maintain their independence by keeping them at home and out of a retirement community. We appreciate all Romy has done. This is a first class service.”



Mr. Paul Jung is a 76-year-old man who lives at his home in West Seattle. He joined Landmark a year ago. “Premera signed me up for it after I had a pacemaker and other things,” states Paul. He is retired, but works part time as customer service representative at Century Link Field.

Paul was a caregiver for his wife for three years, and lost her two years ago. He has been lonely living alone. Paul gets teary when he mentions his wife, whom he was married to for 50 years.

Paul makes it a point to share with others the extraordinary services Landmark provides. “People find it unbelievable that doctors come to my home to provide care,” he states. “It’s awesome. I can’t believe the service.”

Paul adds: “Why go somewhere when you guys can come to me? Some places you call to ask a question and get a response three days later, but you guys come right away.” He is very appreciative of his visit last fall from the Landmark Behavioral Health Provider to discuss management of his grief related to the loss of his wife.

Paul is impressed by the attentiveness provided by the Landmark team: “It shows people do care. They are very kind and thorough. I’m lucky to have Landmark and I would recommend them to anyone”.


Romy, a Nurse Practitioner, and Traci, a Nurse Care Manager, work side by side to care for patients in Tacoma and Greater Pierce County.


I was wooed to Landmark while preparing to retire from the Federal Government. It was Landmark’s model—staying ahead of and avoiding catastrophes—that absolutely drew me in. I was also impressed that Landmark cares about the quality of visits, not just doing more visits. Providers want to focus on quality and Landmark was a welcome shift to doing the right thing and being recognized for it.

I love working in the evidence-based, health outcomes-focused model Landmark is building. And I enjoy Landmark’s supportive and celebratory atmosphere. The gratitude I hear from patients and the feeling of accomplishment at making a difference is genuinely rewarding for me.

Employees at Landmark are very passionate about our mission of transforming health care and people’s lives. Our care truly helps our patients, whether it is something as simple as swiftly refilling a patient’s insulin prescription or as significant as keeping a patient with chronic bronchitis out of the hospital.


I joined Landmark because I felt that Landmark’s unique model of care meets the otherwise unmet health needs of people with multiple health conditions. I have seen firsthand patients whose quality of life deteriorated because they didn’t have a voice or an advocate in complicated health matters. I am excited to see mistrust, fear and confusion replaced by relief, safety and hope for Landmark patients.

I make a difference in the lives of my patients every day and I love the positive feedback I receive from them. Patients are excited that they can have an immediate need met when they call instead of waiting for a response. It may be as simple as a call to treat a common cold, but patients are excited that they can pick up the phone 24-hours a day, talk through their issue, and be seen in their home if needed.

I believe in Landmark’s Mission Statement—To deliver comprehensive care to patients wherever and whenever they need it. This mission fits my nursing style and my colleagues and I keep it top of mind every day.