Why Landmark Health?

This is a story about you.

Landmark brings the right people together to help those who need it most. Become part of our story.

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Our background.

Landmark was formed in 2013 to solve a problem that exists in the United States for people at greatest risk. Many people with multiple chronic health conditions rely on hospital emergency rooms as their primary source of health care. For our families, loved ones and communities, that simply isn’t good enough.

So we set out to change it.

Changing the status quo requires expertise.

Landmark assembled a team of leaders with experience in complex panel management, in-home medical care, risk-based partnerships and operational excellence.

Chris Johnson
Becca Miller Rose
Dr. Kris Smith
Cooper Watts
Dr. Christopher Dennis
Dr. John Broderick
Dr. David Hirota
Dr. Christopher Stark
Nate Aumock
Julianna Oswald
Dr. Pamela Sullivan
Abe Mathai
Tom Seguine
Sonya Davis