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"Landmark Health has been a life saver for me. Before Landmark, I had as many as 9 doctors and specialist providing care. However, none of these providers seemed to be communicating with each other. I also had difficulty scheduling multiple appointments with my doctors.

When I first started seeing my Landmark provider, the relief was so immense because finally I had somebody else looking at my medical care. They look at everything with regards to my care, not just the immediate issue. I now have a team of people coordinating my care and they come to me, in my home. I am so grateful to be a Landmark patient."

Julie Landmark Patient

"I’ve been a nurse practitioner working in primary care for over 30 years, mainly with the elderly. I originally went to graduate school with the idea of working in the home, as I’ve always loved home care and its unique perspective. Although I absolutely loved my previous practice, colleagues and patients, I was only able to make infrequent although regular house calls. This reinforced my belief that house calls to fragile elderly are so much more valuable than an office practice and result in better outcomes."

Ruth Landmark Provider

"For many patients, Landmark’s services are available at no cost. We can do this because of our partnership model with health plans, also called insurance companies. We work with health plan members who have multiple chronic conditions. We offer additional care and support to help keep patients healthy at home, avoiding unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits."

Landmark can help treat these conditions at your home:

• Heart failure
• COPD and asthma
• Urinary tract infections
• Cuts, wounds and rashes
• Cellulitis and abscesses
• Nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal issues
• High blood pressure
• Fever, colds, pneumonia, upper respiratory infections

Additional services we are able to provide include:

• Administration of IV fluids
• In-home lab, X-rays and ultrasounds
• IV and injectable medications, including antibiotics for serious infections
• Prescriptions and medication review
• In-home pharmacist, dietitian and social worker
• Referrals for home oxygen, durable medical equipment, home health services and hospice
• Palliative care consultations
• Catheter insertion and removal

Work at Landmark.

Work at Landmark.

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