Skip the waiting room.

In-home medical care.

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House calls are back

Landmark brings in-home medical care to patients when they need it most — like old-fashioned house calls.
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Living with chronic conditions? We can help.

Our providers come to you or your loved one, bringing care through house calls. This in-home medical care is designed to take care of the whole patient and help them stay home and stay well.

Landmark is the future of health care. image

Landmark is the future of health care.

Landmark is one of the nation's largest healthcare companies focused on in-home medical care for patients with complex, chronic conditions. We partner with health plans to bring house calls to qualified patients.


reduction in hospitalizations


of our patients say we have helped them stay out of the hospital/ER


reduction in ER visits

Discover the benefits.

Health care in your home

Old-fashioned house calls by medical doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants bring modern medicine to you. Feel better and stay well at home.

Covered by your health plan

The Landmark program partners with health plans to improve access to care for patients with multiple chronic conditions. Landmark’s team-based care is available often at no cost to you.

Keep your regular doctors

Landmark coordinates its care with your primary care provider, specialists and other community resources. Landmark provides added support to those who need it most.

Available 24/7

Reach us any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays. We also provide urgent visits to help you avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room

No waiting room

With Landmark house calls, you won’t need transportation to clinics and hospitals, and you avoid waiting rooms and exposure to germs.

Reduced stress

Patients and caregivers enjoy peace of mind with Landmark support. Landmark cares for the whole patient.

What is in-home medical care?

Landmark doesn’t replace your primary care doctor. We provide additional medical care in the comfort of the patients’ home. Learn more about what sets Landmark apart from other home health care services.

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Meet a Landmark Family

Jason is a working professional who’s also taking on the role of caregiver for his aging parents. Luckily, they are both Landmark patients.

“Having the doctor come to the house has made all the difference in the world… The goal is trying to keep them at home, instead of in a home.”

Interested in being a Landmark patient?

If you have multiple chronic conditions and are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan with one of the health insurance companies below, you may be eligible for Landmark. Contact us to see if you qualify.