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Frequently asked questions.

Hero Background

Landmark utilizes a proprietary algorithm to identify high-risk patients that truly need an in-home program. Our algorithm also provides detailed analytics, enabling our interdisciplinary teams to stratify patients by acuity and strategically schedule touches and interventions.

Yes, Landmark takes risk on achieving outcomes. Our partnerships involve varying degrees of risk depending on our partners’ goals and membership volume. Landmark’s expertise in value-based contracting enables us to consistently align incentives with our plan partners, ensuring both parties can stay focused on creating value and delivering high-quality care.

A Landmark provider is available to your members 24/7/365. For Landmark patients, an urgent visit from an MD or NP/PA is simply a phone call away. Today, roughly ¼ of all Landmark visits are performed on an urgent basis. Landmark’s care teams also provide scheduled routine visits and post-discharge visits.

Landmark’s services are designed to support, not compete, with community providers. Our market leadership will meet with key provider groups to introduce the program and discuss common patients. Most providers recognize the patients on Landmark’s list as their most at-risk and welcome collaboration with Landmark to better manage their care.

Landmark providers are passionate individuals, and are drawn to the company mission. Smaller panel sizes enable our providers to spend more time with each patient, empowering them to deliver the highest quality of care. Providers also value Landmark’s team-based approach. The ability to quickly leverage Behavioral Health and Social Work resources is a powerful draw for new providers. We recruit our teams through social media platforms, internal and external sources, recruiters, and ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions that enable potential employees to engage with Landmark executives. Landmark has also been named one of Modern Healthcare’s “Best Places to Work” for three years running.