UnitedHealthcare and Landmark Health bring care to you at home.

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Landmark Health: In-Home Medical Care

UnitedHealthcare® has teamed up with Landmark to bring in-home medical care to eligible Medicare Advantage members.

Health Care that Comes to You

When you don't feel well, you may be able to stay home. Have the Landmark provider come to you. Landmark offers extra support at home from a team of local doctors, advanced practice providers, pharmacists, social workers and more. You will continue to see the providers you know and trust, including your primary care provider.

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Landmark Services

Landmark brings care to you in person, over the phone or through video. Landmark is available at any time of the day or night, including when your regular provider’s office is closed.

Visits are based on your needs and your schedule. Landmark offers:
• In-home medical, mental health, and social care
• Urgent care visits
• Routine visits
• Hospital post-discharge visits
• 24/7 telephone support

You can call Landmark for help with concerns, such as:
• Cuts, wounds, and rashes
• Fevers, colds, pneumonia, upper respiratory infections
• Urinary tract infections
• IV fluids, IV medications, catheter insertion/removal

Landmark can also check your home for fall hazards and other safety concerns. Our goal is to help you stay independent at home for as long as possible.


You may be eligible for Landmark’s services if you have multiple chronic conditions, such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, coronary heart disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease and more.

Stay Well. Stay Home. Contact Landmark today!

Call the state you live in to learn more and schedule a Landmark provider to visit you at home.

Alabama (Birmingham area):  1-866-607-3561

Alabama (Mobile area):  1-866-607-1069

Alabama (Montgomery area):  1-866-607-2847

Arkansas:  1-844-330-0506

Arizona (Phoenix area): 1-833-208-8009

Arizona (Tucson area): 1-833-208-7607

California: 1-833-248-2797

Colorado (Denver area): 1-833-248-4721

Connecticut: 1-833-596-3057

Delaware (Dover area): 1-833-202-5491

Florida (Fort Myers area): 1-833-756-6587

Florida (Miami area): 1-844-245-4169

Florida (Tampa area): 1-833-772-1779

Florida (Pensacola area): 1-833-435-1728

Florida (Jacksonville area): 1-833-435-1752

Florida (Orlando area): 1-833-435-1731

Florida (Gainesville area): 1-833-435-1760

Georgia (Atlanta area): 1-855-784-1476

Georgia (Macon area): 1-844-294-1397

Georgia (Valdosta area): 1-844-294-1918

Illinois (Chicago area):  1-855-695-4200

Indiana (Indianapolis area):  1-866-603-7609

Indiana (Fort Wayne area):  1-866-603-7607

Iowa (Des Moines area):  1-833-232-8319

Iowa (Cedar Rapids area):  1-833-461-3834

Kansas: 1-833-270-4729

Kentucky (Louisville/Covington areas): 1-833-507-6222

Maine: 1-844-330-0506

Massachusetts: 1-844-330-0506

Maryland: 1-833-219-2066

Michigan: 1-855-760-2220

Minnesota (UHCCP.com/Minnesota): 1-833-247-9591

Mississippi: 1-833-224-8270

Missouri (Kansas City area): 1-833-270-4729

Missouri (St. Louis area): 1-855-783-8039

New Hampshire: 1-844-330-0506

New Jersey (Toms River area): 1-833-202-5545

New Jersey (Newark area): 1-833-202-5512

New York: 1-833-208-7305

North Carolina (Winston Salem area): 1-833-776-6305

North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham area): 1-844-245-5502

Ohio (Cincinnati area): 1-833-507-6222

Ohio (Cleveland/Columbus areas): 1-833-270-4723

Oklahoma (Oklahoma City area): 1-855-696-2379

Oklahoma (Tulsa area): 1-855-443-4526

Oregon: 1-833-270-4722

Pennsylvania (Harrisburg area): 1-833-250-9997

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area): 1-833-202-5494

Rhode Island: 1-833-709-8081

South Carolina (Charleston area): 1-833-202-5602

South Carolina (Columbia area): 1-833-202-5986

South Carolina (Greenville area): 1-833-202-5988

South Carolina (Myrtle Beach area): 1-833-202-5990

Tennessee: 1-833-453-2769

Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth): 1-855-759-2217

Texas (Temple): 1-855-760-1307

Texas (Houston): 1-855-760-1968

Texas (San Antonio): 1-855-784-1439

Virginia: 1-833-221-3615

Washington (Spokane area): 1-833-270-4722

Washington (Seattle area): 1-833-395-3140

Wisconsin (Green Bay area): 1-833-247-9623

Wisconsin (Milwaukee area): 1-833-247-9617


Other providers are available in UnitedHealthcare's network. Landmark may contract with other plans.

You may have a copay or a co-insurance; same as you would pay if you were to see your PCP.

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® is a health plan that contracts with both Medicare and the Minnesota Medical Assistance (Medicaid) program to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees. Enrollment in UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete® depends on contract renewal.

Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan's contract renewal with Medicare.

Landmark services are provided by Landmark Health, LLC and its affiliated medical groups, part of Optum and the UnitedHealth Group family of businesses on behalf of UnitedHealthcare.

Landmark Health may not be available in all areas. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 for emergency medical help.

Benefits, features and/or devices vary by plan/area. Limitations, exclusions and/or network restrictions may apply.