October 18, 2021

Landmark Health Expansion into Central Texas Allows Thousands of Seniors to Receive At-Home Care

Landmark’s physician-led teams will now deliver comprehensive house calls to seniors in the Temple/Killeen region of Texas. This is in addition to the more than 14,000 adults in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex eligible for supplemental, in-home medical care – at no additional cost.

TEMPLE, TX – Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups announced today an expansion of services in Temple/Killeen, Texas. With this expansion, Landmark’s physician-led teams will now be able to serve 3,218 eligible patients in Central Texas. Landmark started delivering comprehensive, in-home medical care to seniors with challenging conditions in Texas in 2021 and is currently responsible for 14,000 older adults in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Landmark is a value-based house call provider that serves seniors and chronically ill patients across 18 states. By bringing doctors, advanced practitioners, and care team members into the home, Landmark makes around 400,000 house calls a year, keeping patients healthy at home. These house calls are in collaboration with patients existing medical care teams, as a means of extending medical and urgent care into the home.

“Growing partnerships with health plans, especially provider-sponsored ones, enables us to transform health care by improving the quality of life for seniors in communities across the U.S,” said Eric Van Horn, Landmark Health’s chief business officer. “We look forward to making health care easier for complex seniors and giving Central Texas patients more healthy days.”

Moving health care into the home has been increasingly important during the pandemic, especially for our nation’s sickest and frailest patients. Landmark is working to shape the future of health care by creating opportunities for more home-based care. Reinventing the house call to make health care personal and available wherever and whenever patients need it inherently breaks barriers of traditional healthcare.

“Landmark Health improves health in our communities with meaningful results,” said Patricia Zadra, Landmark Health’s regional general manager. “Doing health care right for our nation’s aging population is core to our mission. Our whole-patient, coordinated approach to medical care addresses what matters most to patients and is slowing disease progression and keeping seniors in their homes longer.”

Landmark will continue to work with primary care providers, health systems, and health plans within Central Texas to enroll eligible seniors in their comprehensive home-based care.