September 7, 2017

Congressman Paul Tonko Visits Landmark Health in Albany, NY

Paul David Tonko, the U.S. Representative from New York’s 20th congressional district, recently visited Landmark’s Albany office.

Approximately 80% of our Albany patients live within Congressman’s Tonko’s district.

During the visit, we discussed how Landmark providers perform medical house calls to help patients manage their chronic health conditions from the comfort of their homes. Congressman Tonko was able to see how high-touch care delivered where patients reside can be both best for the patient and save healthcare dollars.

Congressman Tonko commented the following about the visit: “I was grateful for the opportunity to visit Landmark Health in Albany and find out more about their efforts to advance healthcare in our region. Their focus on patient outcomes and personalized house calls shows promise as we work to bring down healthcare system costs without compromising access, affordability or the quality of care being delivered.” 

At Landmark, we are focused on outcomes, not services. We’re working to keep patients as healthy as possible at home and out of the emergency room or hospital. The average cost of a hospital admission for someone over the age of 65 is a little more than $12,000, so each reduction in an avoidable admission can mean significant cost savings.

We’re able to help patients outside of the traditional facility-based system of health care by going to them to perform well visits, urgent visits, and re-homing visits after they’ve gotten out of a facility. Being available to patients 24/7 is an important attribute to the success of the Landmark care model.


Part of Landmark’s success is our design – in operations and technology – around multidisciplinary collaboration and accurate diagnostic documentation to drive better care management.

Our multidisciplinary clinical teams include behavioral health, palliative care, nursing, pharmacy, social work. Making sure all of these inputs are documented and delivered back to the primary Landmark provider is critical. We do that through consistent in-person team meetings and telephonic case management support.

Just as important, our communication extends beyond our providers – to all the providers and specialists involved in the patient’s care. We’re working to support – and augment – the care plan of the patient’s primary care provider. Their time and reach is limited in the clinic environment, and there’s so much more our providers can see and do in the home environment.


At Landmark, our patient satisfaction scores are extremely high. Our Net Promoter Score is 91, which is among the highest of any healthcare company in the nation.  In addition, 97% of our patients responded that ‘Landmark has helped me stay out of the hospital or emergency room.

Beyond all of this, helping patients manage their conditions in the home, and helping their family, loved ones and other caregivers also participate in that care is where Landmark shines.

Our patients are frail and having a trusted partner to help educate them on their conditions, navigate the healthcare system and even talk through end-of-life and palliative care planning is something that most other provider groups are not providing at this level today. As the population continues to age, this type of care is only going to grow in need.

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Pictured left to right: Kim Baker (Landmark VP, General Manager), Congressman Paul Tonko, Carol Ruddy (Landmark Health Services Director), Lauren Ford (Congressional Intern and master’s student at SUNY Albany School of Social Work), Dr. Matt Miles (Regional Medical Director).