July 13, 2021

Behavioral Health Support as Part of Comprehensive Care

In-home visits make a difference in behavioral/mental health diagnosis and treatment.

Landmark’s providers and behavioral health specialists work together to identify and treat patients’ physical and behavioral health needs. Through home visits, Landmark grows to understand social and behavioral aspects of the patient’s health that may not be noticed in the primary care office.

Landmark offers eligible patients crisis evaluation and management, and treatment of behavioral health issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Cognitive impairment including dementia
  • Substance use disorders

To ensure collaborative care, Landmark sends visit notes, including screening and treatment information, to the patient’s primary care doctor.

Landmark provides counseling and referrals.

Landmark helps patients by treating mental health issues with an integrative health and medicine approach. We can screen and treat each patient in the comfort of their own home. Landmark assesses cognitive function, decision making, and mental capacity, and collaborates with the primary care provider if further testing is needed.

Landmark social workers and behavioral health providers can support patients in the home through motivational interviewing and short-term supportive counseling, focusing on empathy and listening. We can provide referrals for longer-term counseling or other resources if needed.

Many therapies to treat depression don’t require a medicinal approach. For example, Landmark can provide patients with preventative health education, and teach patients about techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and gentle exercise. Teaching patients about eating a nutrient-rich diet can also improve patients’ mental health.

We consider family and caregiver needs too.

Family and caregivers can be an important part of improving a patient’s mental health as well. If a patient’s caregiver is stressed or burned out, the patient feels the effects of that. Landmark can help caregivers find respite care and caregiver support groups in the area.

Female Doctor Consulting with Senior Patient