April 20, 2020

How In-Home Treatment and Care Support Helps Your Practice

Landmark Health’s medical professionals provide in-home treatment and care support for patients in alignment with HCP-established care goals.

Landmark Health helps your practice by following your patients’ care plans in the home environment. Landmark’s medical team provides in-home treatment and care support for your patients that follow your established care goals.

Why In-Home Medical Care Is Valuable

Provides A Root-Cause Perspective

By offering in-home treatment, Landmark can observe the home environment, fall hazards, food quality and accessibility, and other indicators of health.

Post-Discharge Follow-Up

Our post-hospital discharge visits help ensure that patients are healing efficiently and following discharge instructions. Landmark also performs a careful medication review, to ensure there are no issues with drug interactions or redundancy in prescription drugs. These follow-up visits give patients the opportunity to ask questions, understand their health status, and learn how they can best heal and can reduce hospital readmission risk.

With our doctors helping bridge the gap from hospital to home, Landmark patients have a 60% lower risk of readmission than patients who don’t receive a post-discharge visit. [do we need to verify this stat or reference it?]

Can Emphasize Care Plan Goals

Landmark has access to patient medical records and maintains regular contact with your practice to keep you up-to-date on any changes. We help ensure that your care goals are clearly communicated to, and understood by, your patients. We can help keep your patients on the right track when you can’t be there.

Help Reduce Caregiver Stress

For a loved one or caregiver, balancing life and caregiving can be difficult. The Landmark team provides caregivers with 24/7 phone support and information, to help them feel more comfortable. And caregivers are always welcome to participate in their loved one’s home medical visits if the patient would like.

Behavioral Health Support

Studies show that the chronically ill are more likely to experience issues of loneliness and seclusion. Landmark assesses the behavioral health status of patients in the home. Landmark has social workers and behavioral health specialists who can help ensure patients’ behavioral needs are met.  Updates and action plans are communicated to the primary care provider.

Closing Care Gaps

Landmark works to ensure that patients get the supplementary care they need between visits to their primary care provider and specialists. Our medical professionals are advocates for patients that make sure their health needs are addressed.

In Conclusion

Patients with multiple chronic conditions often require additional care and support With Landmark Health, your most complex patients will have an in-home advocate that understands their health and augments your care plan.


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