May 4, 2021

Landmark Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

Download our teaching sheet below to learn about depression and ways you can seek help.

By Tanni Bromley – Senior Director, Behavioral Health, Landmark Health

Landmark recognizes Mental Health Awareness month this May as the world works to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and cope with social distancing requirements. During this time of COVID-19, Landmark continues to support our patients by phone, video, and through in-person visits. Our visits reach beyond just physical health—Landmark offers behavioral health support to patients as well.

Millions of Americans live with mental illness. Now, more than ever, it is important to not feel alone. Landmark supports the “You are not alone” campaign taking place within the mental health community. This campaign seeks to build connection and increase awareness of the digital tools that can help during this time of social distancing.

While the novel coronavirus brings fear and uncertainty, Landmark offers the integration of both physical medicine and behavioral health care. This integration leads to enhanced patient outcomes and quality of care. We provide support to our patients by offering:

  • Telephonic availability 24/7 to address concerns and questions
  • Sending out a medical provider when an in-home visit is necessary
  • Phone calls to our most vulnerable patients to educate about COVID-19 and to assess access to services and support to meet their basic needs
  • Access to social workers and behavioral health providers
  • Encouragement to seek emotional support through informal networks (families, friends and neighbors)
  • Encouragement to patients who can, to stay active with exercise and to check in on friends and neighbors


One Landmark patient’s path to joy

Josephine lives alone, with a substantial history of repeated trauma. A Landmark staff member saw that she was severely depressed, tearful and had thoughts that life was not worth living. Josephine was withdrawn from Landmark. The behavioral health provider and social worker intervened quickly, and through multiple conversations identified what was leading Josephine into isolation. Landmark assisted in a difficult conversation with the family and prescribed medication for her depression. Because of the work by our behavioral health team, Josephine was able to find joy in her life again. She stated that Landmark’s staff saved her life!

You are not alone

During this challenging time, remember that although we need to stay physically distant, you are not alone. If you are experiencing emotional or mental distress, don’t wait to reach out for help. Landmark is available to intervene. Together, we will get through this challenging time.

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