November 26, 2019

4 Healthy Tips for the Thanksgiving Season

Learn how to choose foods and activities that leave you feeling more satisfied, energized, and full of joy from spending time with loved ones.

Thanksgiving is a day of celebration and also traditionally filled with appetizers, turkey, mashed potatoes and dessert. It is estimated that we eat thousands of calories over the course of our Thanksgiving meal, and often end up on the couch to recoup after the feast.

This year, consider a different path. Perhaps this holiday season, choose foods and activities that leave you feeling more satisfied, energized, and full of joy from spending time with loved ones.

You can choose healthy living each day overindulging at parties and gatherings. If this sounds like the right path for you, here are some tips to help move in that direction!

4 tips for a healthy holiday:

  1. Fill up on fiber.
    Before heading to a holiday event, enjoy fiber-rich meals and snacks throughout the day. This will help to keep your blood sugar balanced, making it easier to choose food that supports your health goals once you’re at the party. Try a morning green smoothie, or a bowl of steel-cut oats with berries and flax to start your day. Have hummus with veggies or fruit and nuts as a snack. Choose nourishing foods throughout the day to keep you feeling great!
  2. Plan ahead.
    Offer to bring a side dish or starter to the dinner or party. This a great way to help the host, while assuring there will be healthy items to enjoy as well. Think vegetable trays with hummus or fruit platters for starters. Side dishes of seasonal roasted vegetables, grain or bean-based salads, or leafy green salads. Need some inspiration? Check out these holiday hits! Thanksgiving Meal Ideas, Shephard’s Pie, Easy Three Bean Salad, Lentil Stuffing, Plant-Based Caesar Salad, Cashew Cream of Kale, Easy Apple Crisp, Healthier Caramel apples, 10 Healthy snacks
  3. Use the plate model.
    Tried and true, the plate model allows us to enjoy the tasty treats of the season while staying on track with our goals. Fill ½ of the plate with non-starchy vegetables, ¼ of the plate with starchy vegetables or whole grains (potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, stuffing, etc.), ¼ of the plate with legumes or lean meats and fish. A little taste of everything with a whole lot of fiber. Plate model
  4. Avoid Drinking your Calories.
    Water, herbal tea, seltzer with citrus, and black coffee are all typically calorie-free. Many holiday beverages are high in calories, including pumpkin spice lattes, eggnog, wine, cocktails, soda, and juice. Enjoy small servings of the fun stuff, but choose water most often. Looking for some healthy and fun ideas for parties? Check out these 15 Sparkling drinks to Replace Your Favorite Sugary Sodas, or a DIY healthy version of the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it a healthy life. Take a deep breath. You got this!