May 10, 2022

5 safety checks to add to your spring cleaning

Quick safety updates give you peace of mind all year.

This is an excerpt from our Spring 2022 Patient Newsletter. Download the entire newsletter below to hear a patient story, learn about the importance of medication adherence, a reminder to call Landmark first, and more!

  1. Donate. Simply reducing the amount of furniture and objects can reduce trip hazards and create safer exits. It also saves time cleaning/dusting.
  2. Reduce scatter rugs. They’re easy to trip over, and fewer rugs make cleaning floors easier.
  3. Check lighting. If there’s a dark spot bothering you, ask for help safely lighting the way.
  4. Review medications. Your Landmark team can help review your medications and streamline your daily pill organizer.
  5. Bathroom updates. Upgrade to a higher toilet seat or install safety handrails. Maybe add a handheld showerhead or a shower seat.


These small upgrades can make a big difference in the safety and comfort of your daily life.

Spring 2022 Patient Newsletter