October 4, 2019

How to Prepare Yourself for Flu Season

Learn how to prepare yourself for flu season and how Landmark can help by treating you at home.

Don’t let the flu get in the way of your holiday plans.

Catching the flu can interrupt your holiday plans—or worse, land you in the hospital. But Landmark patients can protect themselves, and their holiday festivities, with the help of Landmark!

How can Landmark patients reduce their risks from the flu? By taking two easy steps:

  1. Get your flu shot.
    Get a flu shot at your doctor’s office or pharmacy early in the flu season. If you can’t leave home to get your flu shot, request an in-home flu shot from Landmark. Supplies may be limited.
  2. If you get the flu, call Landmark right away.
    If you notice flu symptoms, call Landmark, even if Landmark hasn’t visited you before. Avoid going out when you’re sick and getting exposed to more germs.

If you have the flu, Landmark can help you by:

  • Treating you at home
  • Prescribing medications to ease flu symptoms
  • Providing early care so your flu doesn’t get worse

Remember, if you are over age 65 or have chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes, you have a higher risk of complications from the flu.

Don’t let the flu put a damper on your holiday festivities! Contact Landmark for help during the flu season.