April 5, 2019

In-Home Medical Care for Miss Canary Green

When Landmark began making home medical visits to Miss Canary Green, it wasn’t the first time she had heard of house calls.

Childhood House Calls

Miss Green is 91 years old, and she can remember way back to her childhood days of living on a farm, where house calls were common.

Very mentally sharp and playful, Miss Green will scold you if you say she’s 91 years old. “Don’t forget the half!” Miss Green says. “I’m 91 and a half.” She smiles and continues, “I like the idea of Landmark coming to the home. When I was a little girl, I was raised on the farm. The doctor would come to see us in his little buggy. It was so cute. Of course, when he came to your house, you had to be almost dead. He was the only doctor around. It took him all day to take care of just one customer. He was very good.”

Health Challenges Before Landmark

Before Landmark, Miss Green was very ill, and getting worse. Miss Green’s daughter and full-time caregiver, Veronica, describes the challenges of caring for Miss Green before Landmark. Veronica says, “We used to call 911 quite frequently for congestive heart failure, and she would stay at the hospital for around 10 days. The people from 911 knew us well by the time Landmark started to visit.”

“After we started with Landmark, we came close to calling 911, but we called Landmark instead. Then we were able to get medications at home, in pill form, instead of at the hospital by IV. We got the medication to my mother very quickly, in time to avoid the hospital.”

Veronica continues, “The more Mom went to the hospital, the worse she got. I said to myself, ‘The next time she goes to the hospital, she might not come out.’”

Veronica tries to hold back tears when she says, “The last time we were at the hospital, they talked about a do-not-resuscitate order. That’s why we have to keep her out of the hospital.”

Miss Green adds, “I was very sick, and Dr. Hayes, my Landmark doctor, saved me. I’d like to thank him for saving my life. He gives me in my home the things I used to get at the hospital. So then I didn’t need to go to the hospital. I haven’t been to the hospital since Dr. Hayes started taking care of me.”

Landmark Provides Vital Care at Home

With a twinkle in her eye, Miss Green talks about Trevor Hayes, DO. “I like Dr. Hayes. He takes time to ask, ‘How do you respond to this medication?’ I like visiting with him. Sometimes you worry that a doctor will send you to the hospital, and you kind of freeze up. But I don’t feel like that. I know that Dr. Hayes will take care of me at home.

Miss Green continues, “Dr. Hayes really cares about his patients. He asks me what I want to talk about. He doesn’t just shake my hand and then be gone. He asks, ‘What’s going on today?’ He’s concerned. He really cares.”

Miss Green says that before Landmark she was feeling worse and worse over time. She says, “I was sleeping in my chair at night, because I had fluid in my lungs and I couldn’t lie down. I don’t have to do that anymore. I can sleep in my bed. And believe me, I can sleep. You’re just not as comfortable in a sitting position. I can lie down now and relax my body. I can do that now because of Dr. Hayes.”

Veronica adds, “Before Landmark, I knew from her using the chair to sleep that she was getting worse, not better. Now, I know she’s getting better. When she wakes up, she doesn’t immediately need the breathing treatment anymore. She can go to the window, open the curtains, and get some fresh air.

Miss Green says, “Dr. Hayes can be my doctor anytime. He cares. And because he cares, I get better.” She smiles playfully when she says, “He’s not just thinking about the money.”

Miss Green’s Goals for the Future

Now with Landmark available to her anytime she needs help, Miss Green confidently talks about her goals for her future. She says, “Before the Lord calls me home, I’d like to go to Africa. I’d like to get well enough to cook and bake and feed the homeless. And sing in my church. I’d like to do these things, and Dr. Hayes is getting me back on the road again.”

Miss Green continues, “I just like people. Whatever I can do for somebody. We all go through trials and tribulations. And I love all the people from Landmark. We’re in the same boat. They help people—they’re in the right place.”

Healthcare of the Future

Veronica, who is an LPN, has this to say about Landmark’s model of patient care: “One thing I love about Landmark is that I believe this is the healthcare of the future. I am an LPN, and I worked in home care. There is something about the home. Patients do better in the home. My mother would never set foot in a nursing home. I hope that in the future, medical care like the care Landmark provides becomes the norm.”

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