November 23, 2021

Keeping your loved ones home for the holidays and beyond

Landmark helps keep patients home over the holidays.

As we approach the holiday season, caring for seniors with serious illnesses and keeping them out of the hospital is a priority. Balancing that with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can pose challenges for families and caregivers. Fortunately, you have a partner in Landmark Health. With an eligible health plan, Landmark brings supplemental care to its members, where they live and when they need it.

Asian family cooking for the holidays

Landmark supports patients:

By extending your provider’s care into the home.

Some patients haven’t fully returned to in-person medical office visits. Landmark’s mobile care team can see patients where they live, and includes doctors, advanced practice providers, behavioral health providers, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians and nurse care managers.

By reducing avoidable hospital visits.

Hospital capacity continues to be an issue with COVID-19, the upcoming flu season and patients now seeking care they’ve delayed. Landmark’s in-home urgent care services help to reduce avoidable emergency room visits, hospital admissions and readmissions for complex patients, which keeps critical beds open.

By being there 24/7, 365.

Landmark can be there for your loved ones when you or their provider is unavailable. Our call center is staffed by providers who can help answer your questions any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays, to address after-hour needs. We can have a provider see you quickly, in the home or by video, if you have an urgent need.

Landmark is a mobile medical group that brings care into the homes of seniors with serious illness. By bringing care to patients, Landmark helps reduce unnecessary ER visits and hospital stays, giving seniors more healthy days at home. Their services are offered at little to no cost.

If you are a Landmark patient and need to reach your care team, call the number provided to you or look up the number for your state and health plan in our Locations Pages.