February 2, 2021

Landmark Providers Volunteer to Administer the COVID-19 Vaccine

Landmark clinical team members are helping their communities by volunteering to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

With COVID-19 vaccines now available to certain patient populations, some Landmark clinical team members are helping their communities by volunteering to administer the vaccine. Read about this experience from Landmark’s Emilie Siler, Pharmacist in North Carolina, and Ron Davie, Nurse Care Manager in Portland Oregon.


What do you find most rewarding about volunteering to administer the vaccine?

Emilie Siler: I have looked for ways to help in this pandemic, and vaccinating fulfills that sense of calling directly. As a pharmacist, I want to help whenever I can. This is that opportunity for me. After this pandemic is over, I can say that I was part of the healing and recovery.

Ron Davie: I feel like I’m a part of history. I’m participating in bringing an end to the pandemic and bringing relief to so many people.


What are you hearing from people who are getting the vaccine?

Emilie Siler: Many people who have been vaccinated have walked out in tears of joy, hope for the future, and the anticipation of life returning to normal.

Ron Davie: I volunteered at a large retirement community. There was a palpable sense of hope that the pandemic may soon be coming to an end.


How has administering the vaccine changed your views on the pandemic?

Emilie Siler
Emilie Siler

Emilie Siler: Once a vaccine was approved, I felt that this was a moment for pharmacists to shine. Pharmacists are critical in ending this pandemic. I have never been more honored to be a pharmacist than I am now. I feel we will be the front runners in public health should another pandemic or public health crisis come along. I want my children to know that I contributed to overcoming this pandemic.


Ron Davie
Ron Davie

Ron Davie: For me, keeping socially distanced and limiting interactions with people had narrowed my perspective. While administering vaccines, I heard everyone talk about that same feeling. It really drove home that we all have been so isolated. The day that we can gather with family and friends again will be a tremendous and joyous occasion.


Did you have any hesitation about giving or receiving the vaccine?

Emilie Siler: Before the vaccines became available, I read about the clinical trials. I expected people to ask my opinion of the vaccine and I wanted to be prepared with an educated and unbiased answer. After researching the data, I concluded that the vaccines are safe and effective. Therefore, I have no hesitation recommending the vaccine. I also wanted to be vaccinated as soon as possible, so I could be on the front lines vaccinating others. I have received my first dose of vaccine and, outside of a sore arm, I had no other adverse effects.

Ron Davie: I did not have any hesitation in receiving the vaccine. I thoughtfully provided each person with the vaccine. The facility made it a positive event. That’s the memory I hope stays with them.


To learn more about the COVID-19 Vaccine and connect to your state-specific information, visit the CDC website.