November 16, 2021

Returning home from the hospital?

Learn why it’s important to have a post-discharge visit from your Landmark provider.

Keeping you well at home is one of Landmark’s goals. However, we know there will be times you need to go to the hospital for emergency care. If you do go to the hospital, please let your Landmark team know. We can provide the hospital staff with your recent health notes and care wishes.

Senior couple outside nursing home with physician

Once you are discharged, your Landmark provider wants to see you. Coming home from the hospital is a relief, but it may also be confusing. It’s important to have a post-discharge home visit to help you:

  • review test results from the hospital,
  • understand your discharge instructions,
  • begin new medications, and
  • set up follow-up care or referrals.

We all think of additional questions once we are more relaxed and in a familiar environment. Landmark providers have the time to sit with you and answer those questions. These visits can also be a support for your family or caregivers, who may have questions if they are helping during your full recovery.

Remember to call Landmark if you have any questions about your care. And call us early when you get sick, as we can come to you quickly or help guide you if the hospital is the most appropriate care path.