December 15, 2022

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Scheduling Your Primary Care Provider Visit

Your relationship with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is essential to your health. Patients managing ongoing care for chronic conditions may easily overlook scheduling a regular physical exam with their PCP.

Landmark does not take the place of patients’ PCPs, and our patients thrive most when their primary care physician’s care plan is followed.

Regular physical exams with a PCP monitors overall physical and mental health, including changes in hearing and vision. Follow-up and other visits with your PCP are equally crucial for medication management, health care guidance, vaccines, retinopathy screenings, and a complete physical exam.

We see you between PCP visits and share our visit summaries with your PCP. Your PCP can also contact your Landmark team for urgent or follow-up care, and we can be in the home quickly to coordinate care they prescribe.

Primary Care Provider meeting with elderly patient