June 10, 2020

Help for the Elderly at Home During COVID-19

As many states begin to relax COVID-19 guidelines, it is important for seniors to stay informed and keep their physical and mental health a priority.



Embrace Telemedicine

During this pandemic, seniors may be reluctant to see a medical provider in-person, but many appointments can be held by phone or by a video app such as Facetime. In addition, Landmark providers are visiting patients at home, while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect patients and themselves. If you don’t feel comfortable with an in-home visit, don’t cancel your appointment. Contact Landmark to change your appointment to a visit by phone or video.


Create a Plan

How will your family respond if a family member gets sick? Decide on a care plan in advance. Select an emergency contact, stock up on two weeks of groceries, and have a one-month to three-month supply of medications on-hand. This can reduce stress and help you be more prepared.


Ensure You Are Well-Informed

For your health and safety, stay current on factual information on COVID-19 and the current local guidelines. If you have questions about what guidelines to follow, reach out to your primary care physician or Landmark provider for recommendations on proper precautions for older adults with chronic conditions.


Learn How to Use Technology

Caregivers and younger family members can sometimes support older adults by helping them stay connected through technology, such as video chat on smartphones, computers or tablets. Video chat can help seniors who are struggling with social isolation. Read more on how to stay connected to seniors during this time.




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