April 23, 2019

Joann’s Improved Access to Care

Joann Hatz is a 74-year-old woman who lives in a senior residence and loves to read.

She has a daughter who lives nearby, and a cousin who is a nurse and acts as her health advocate. Joann manages multiple chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, COPD, gastrointestinal issues, and bipolar disorder.

“My health was very bad,” Joann says. “My cousin would take me to my doctor appointments and explain things to me, because I get stressed at the doctor office.”

But when Joann’s cousin hurt her back severely and could no longer drive Joann to the doctor, managing her health became even more difficult for Joann. “The medical van in our community was no longer running,” Joann says, “So I tried taking taxis, but I had to reschedule appointments a lot. Unfortunately, I ended up calling the ambulance and going to the hospital multiple times. I don’t like using the ambulance, and it costs a fortune.”

Joann Hears About Landmark

Then, in 2016, Joann heard about Landmark from a friend who recommended the Landmark program.

Joann says, “My friend mentioned Landmark, and that maybe I wouldn’t have to go to the emergency room so often. When I called, Landmark checked my insurance and told me I could get their services. Now things are totally different, because the doctor comes to me here at my home. Landmark checks on me once a month, both by phone and in-person. Landmark is fantastic. The response is good from Landmark every time I’ve called them.”

Using Landmark support doesn’t mean that Joann has less access to her other providers. Joann says, “I still go to see my primary care physicians and specialists when I can get a ride. Landmark is in touch with my primary care provider, and she thinks very highly of Landmark.”

Landmark Brings Additional Support

Landmark has brought support to Joann through her Landmark medical provider, nurse care manager, dietitian, behavioral health provider, social worker and urgent medical provider. Joann says, “Landmark comes to check my vitals and help me with any medical problems. The Landmark nutritionist has helped me get the hang of the proper diet for diabetes.”

Joann adds, “If I don’t have a way to pick up prescriptions, Landmark sends the prescription to a pharmacy that will deliver medications. And when I needed to start using a home health aide, Landmark gave me a list of home health aides to consider.”

Improved Disease Management

Joann’s medical conditions are well managed now, she has lost weight, and her diabetes is under control. In addition, her anxiety, depression and manic symptoms have improved, and she is connected to outpatient mental health providers. “I feel better than I have in years,” Joann says.

Landmark has kept Joann out the hospital for both medical and mental health reasons on multiple occasions.

Joann describes one of those times:

“Once I had nausea and vomiting for two days. Normally, I would have called the ambulance, because there was nobody to take me to a walk-in center. But instead, I called Landmark who sent someone out to me right away. The Landmark provider gave me medication to stop the vomiting and an antibiotic for C. diff. He told me how to make sure I stay hydrated. I didn’t have to go to the ER or anything. Landmark treated me right here at home.”

When asked about how Landmark’s care has affected her, Joann says, “Since Landmark, I have a much better quality of life. Landmark makes me feel safer. I feel like I have someone I can fall back on. I can call Landmark in the middle of the night. They call me back right away and can send somebody to see me.”

Landmark Builds Trust with Caregivers

Joann says, “It is a big benefit to me to have an on-call nurse available by phone, in addition to the in-home care. My on-call nurse straightens everything out for me, sets up the visits I need, and does it in a very short amount of time.”

Joann adds, “The quality of Landmark care is excellent. I have praised Landmark so much to my daughter that she has tried to get Landmark services for her mother-in-law. It is a relief to my daughter to know that I have someone I can call when I need help, because she already has her hands full.”

Joann says, “Landmark is caring. Things have gotten a lot better in my life since Landmark. Nobody will ever go wrong using Landmark. I recommend Landmark to friends and family any chance I get. I live in a senior residence, and many people here have trouble getting to the doctor’s office. I give them Landmark’s phone number, so they can call and see if they’re eligible.”

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