January 27, 2020

Landmark Provides In-Home Medical Care, Your Way

Landmark Health provides in-home medical care ranging from standard visits that help patients better manage chronic conditions to minor medical emergencies.

If you have a chronic condition, managing your lifestyle can be tough. Your schedule is busy, your hip is flaring up, and it’s a week’s wait for the doctor. And then you need to drive 20 minutes to sit in a waiting room—with sick people—for 45 minutes.

What if you could manage your health using in-home medical care that fits within your lifestyle? Landmark partners with insurance companies across the United States to give patients the medical care they deserve, their way.

Landmark Health and its affiliated medical groups (Landmark) aim to help patients with chronic conditions live their best lives by bringing health care into the home, from standard visits to minor medical emergencies.

How do Landmark services work?

Our team of healthcare professionals take routine visits directly to patients in the comfort of their own homes, helping them reduce ER visits and hospital stays. But how does Landmark work?

  1. Landmark partners with insurance companies.
    Landmark is not an insurance provider. Landmark works closely with insurance companies to provide in-home medical care to Medicare Advantage patients with six or more chronic conditions.
  2. Insurance carriers identify patients.
    Qualifying patients identified by their insurance company are assigned to Landmark Health. Landmark complements a patient’s regular healthcare providers (primary care and specialists) with care in-home.
  3.  Landmark is not opt-in.
    Landmark Health is not a service that can be purchased or opted into by request directly to Landmark.
  4. Landmark treats you at home.
    Our healthcare professionals come directly to patients to provide medical services. If there is a necessary service that we can’t provide, Landmark can help find the needed medical resource.
  5. You may qualify at no extra cost to you.
    Landmark works directly with a patient’s insurance, and our services come at no copays and no out-of-pocket costs for those who qualify.
  6. Landmark provides peace of mind.
    You have peace of mind knowing that you will be cared for by area doctors, advanced practice providers and other healthcare professionals, with plenty of time to ask questions and discuss treatment options.

Why does Landmark exist?

Landmark fills the needs of patients with chronic conditions—those patients who our current healthcare system often fails. Patients with six or more medical conditions typically require more frequent care, and many have mobility challenges—making getting to the doctor’s office more challenging. Landmark’s in-home care providers ensure that patients get the care they deserve in the comfort of their homes.

Landmark medical providers make over 335,000 house calls annually, with one in four of those calls addressing an urgent patient need. It’s our goal to give you peace of mind about your health by having healthcare professionals available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How do I know if I qualify for Landmark?

That’s easy.

Follow this link to find our form and learn if you qualify for Landmark. You’ll be asked to provide some personal information, including your insurance provider, contact information, and name.

A representative will reach out within two business days to let you know if you qualify and explain the next steps to be taken.

Let Landmark fulfill your healthcare needs.

Landmark transforms health care one patient at a time. Our visiting physicians improve the lives of our patients, while giving them a little more autonomy in their health decisions.

Reach out to us and learn what Landmark Health can do for you at 1-833-HC-MY-WAY.