August 14, 2019

Caregiver Jason’s Story

"That's the goal, trying to keep them at home instead of in a home. Landmark has been instrumental keeping them here, in their home."

Jason’s dad was a musician and his mom was an artist. Their entire home is a shrine to their lifelong passions for creating music and art — and the reason it was so important to Jason that his parents get to stay home, rather than be placed “in a home.”

When Jason first moved back in with his parents to care for his dad’s Parkinson’s and his mom’s long list of ailments, they were receiving the wrong medications and really did not have a medical advocate. But Landmark changed all that. Landmark took the burden off Jason, allowing him to focus on his work while giving him the peace-of-mind his parents were receiving the care they needed where they needed it most — at home.

Watch Jason’s story below.