July 15, 2020

Real World Characterization of Blood Glucose Control and Insulin Use In the Intensive Care Unit

There is tremendous opportunity for EMR data to guide tailored management of critical illness

Precision medicine, individualized treatment approaches, biomolecular profiles.

The science of medicine is narrowing in on the unique needs of singular patients by leveraging detailed data found in thousands of EMR records. Landmark’s Dr. Francis DeMichele III is a leading author of this scientific report that pushes for answers around blood glucose targets and management strategies to address hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia in the ICU.  With decades of conflicting evidence in this area, the resulting output of this work is a highly-detailed data source for future investigations.


Authors: Lawrence Baker, Jason H. Maley, Aldo Arévalo, Francis DeMichele III, Roselyn Mateo‑Collado, Stan Finkelstein & Leo Anthony C eli2

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