October 26, 2022

Stay Safe with Vaccines

Learn the benefits of the flu shot.

Flu season runs October through May so get your flu shot now! Older adults are most likely to end up in the hospital from flu complications. This year, our health systems continue to need beds to care for COVID patients. By getting the flu shot you may help keep those beds open for others.

Even if you received the COVID-19 vaccine, which we strongly encourage, you should get a flu shot through your doctor’s office, pharmacy or your Landmark team if you cannot leave your home.* It is important to receive both vaccines because the flu vaccine does not protect against COVID-19. Likewise, the COVID-19 vaccine does not protect against the flu.

Provider administering vaccine to patient

Flu and COVID-19 symptoms are similar, so you may need testing to determine what virus is causing your illness. If you experience symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, or body aches, contact your Landmark care team or primary care physician.

If you are a Landmark patient, please keep your Landmark appointments and take every possible step to stay safe and well. Landmark providers are continuing to take precautions to help keep you safe.


*Landmark’s flu vaccine supplies are limited. Landmark does not offer the COVID-19 vaccine.